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May 2, 2024

We're back to appointment-only showings for remaining items in the buildings.  Those interested in any of the remaining furniture, fixtures, equipment and contractor specialties - such as the plethora of custom woodworking - should contact Corona Liquidators (see info below).  Also as a reminder, the buildings are still for sale and the realtor contact information is also below.  Additionally, we should finally have some details on the next McGonigal's Pub venture very soon - stay tuned both here and on our Facebook page for updates!

April 16, 2024

A full "estate sale" auction will take place Thursday April 25th - Saturday April 27th, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM all three days. Open to the public, no appointments necessary. Click here for details.  Additionally as a reminder, the Lot 14 Auctions for keepsakes, etc. is scheduled to begin online on Thursday April 18th (see the April 11 message).

April 11, 2024

A quick update on the auctions:  The majority of the Pub's artwork/signage/keepsakes/knick-knacks and other assorted goodies will finally be going live on Thursday April 18th through Lot 14 Auctions.  This is an online event and will be worth checking out! Also, though we've sold off a significant amount of our furniture, kitchenware, fixtures, glassware, equipment, woodwork, etc., there is still quite a bit remaining on site.  There will be a couple more "by appointment" dates over this coming weekend (contact Phil at 847-393-6715) and a fully open-to-the-public auction is tentatively planned for April 20th & 21st.  Please review the contact details directly below in our 3/18/24 post for details.

March 18, 2024

Our auctions have become fluid, active events as of this past weekend.  To keep it simple and in one place, here are the details on the process moving forward.  Helpful updates/reminders will be added as needed:


(847) 393-6715

Phil Carona is the owner & main contact; this is the company handling all the “at the Pub” on-site auctions.  The link above will take you to the site for viewing of many items, most of which will be kitchen & serving utensils, glassware, furniture, fixtures, equipment and installed woodwork (see the next link for the memorabilia).  These will be happening several days a week until we’re empty.  Note that it is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and small groups per appointment; it is open to any restaurant and non-restaurant individuals.  Check out the website link for dates (updated weekly) then contact Phil at the above link or phone number to set your appointment.  He will also answer any questions you have about the process.  Additionally, you can get on their mailing list for direct updates.


Starting in early April LOT 14 AUCTIONS will be handling most of the memorabilia, pictures, trinkets, décor and a variety of other things from the Pub.  For collectors and former patrons who want to obtain a bit of history, this will be the site you want to visit!  I’ve been told there will be both online and live auctions that will include our items.  Check out the site and get on the mailing list for direct updates on this and other similar auctions; they sell a lot of great stuff!


Please view our original February 16th posting below, and I’m adding this here as a reminder - for serious inquiries on the properties at 105 S. Cook St. and 205 Park Avenue, contact Mike Costanzo at 312-399-5080 or

Any other general questions on the auctions or property can be directed to me at   All updates will also be posted on our Facebook page.

March 16, 2024

We JUST found out that an additional auction site in Arlington Heights - Denotter Auctions - is selling a very small selection of items from the Pub (barrels, decorative barrel tops, beer mirrors and St. Patrick's Day swag with a few Pub shirts).  This auction starts online TODAY and live auction at the site starts at 5:00 PM.  Here's a link to the Denotter Auctions site, and you can find some of our stuff on Page 6 and Page 7 of the "Huge Multi Estate Auction" for Saturday March 16th.  Good luck!

March 15, 2024


We've officially started selling off some of our larger items at the Pub.  Here's the link - - which will take you directly to the site where you can get started.  There will be on-site, appointment-only showings for small groups and is being run entirely by Phil Carona of Carona Liquidations. Contacts and appointment info/requests can be easily done through the site.

The copious amount of smaller memorabilia and other items will be available shortly through a couple different auction houses that also work directly with Phil. More on that as it becomes available.

Please note that the dates currently being shown are just the start as Phil will be re-upping this weekly. Sunday March 17th shows on the site but that's being taken off (we'll have more dates posted soon for next week). Also, most but not every item in these pictures are for sale... that will be clarified upon request during the showings.

Stay tuned right here and on our Facebook page for more info!

March 1, 2024

Welcome back, March!  Unfortunately we won’t be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day here this year, but we do have some very relevant updates on the sale of many building/business assets:

FIRST, the public auction that was tentatively planned for March 9th & 10th has been canceled; for the sake of efficiency these dates will be replaced by more specialized auctions for smaller groups.  We have a professional liquidator handling the entire process for the larger items (furniture, kitchen serving & utensils, fixtures, equipment); these will be in-person meetings and he will be available most days.  Additionally, quite a bit will also be posted online for easy viewing, and this process should commence right before or right after St. Patrick’s Day.  More details and specific contact info will be posted here in the near future.

The vast majority of the Pub memorabilia – virtually everything that doesn’t have the name “McGonigal” on it is being appraised, labeled, photographed and sent to an auction house for sales both in-person and online.  We’re using Lot 14 Auctions, and within the next couple weeks they will be up & running with our stuff… as soon as they are ready more info will be posted here.  **NOTE – we’ve had numerous requests from patrons asking for specific items at the Pub – some wanting the same items - so in the interest of fairness we are going this route for the sales. If you would like to resubmit any particular request, email me at and I’ll make sure you’re added to the auction house mailing list.

Many of the dry goods and related supplies that are still on site will be donated to local food pantries.

Keep in mind that both buildings – 105 S. Cook St. & 205 Park Avenue – are for sale. Our realtor can field all inquiries – see the February 16th posting directly below for his info and additional building information.  Additionally I am happy to personally assist and answer any questions.

February 16, 2024

**Buildings for Sale - UPDATED with new low pricing**

This is an update from the January 31st posting.  A new lower cost of $2,475,000 has been agreed upon, which now includes just the properties themselves without any of the FF&E assets.  Click here for the quick one-page announcement on Facebook, and the full, detailed sales brochure can be found here.  As mentioned before, **serious inquiries only** but feel free to reach out directly to Bryan with any questions - DM or email I'm on site every day as we are cleaning up the buildings and preparing for some public auctions (more details on those events are forthcoming).

Our realtor info is as follows, and he can be contacted directly for specific details and showing requests:

Mike Costanzo

Moonshine Enterprises, Inc

affiliated with Jameson Commercial


February 1, 2024


Since mid-December we’ve received NUMEROUS requests from people interested in equipment, furnishings and memorabilia.  For those of you who have asked, thank you and there’s a good chance we’ll be able to accommodate your desires.  However, to keep it organized and make it fair for all, we are now planning an official property auction.  There will actually be more than one, but the first (and major) round is tentatively scheduled for March 9th & 10th.  Note that we’ll be taking a good amount of items for the next venture, but there will be plenty of items still available. 

More specifics will be announced as we get closer to the dates; info will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

Regarding the next McGonigal’s… I’d like to thank the many local communities who have reached out to us with interest in having the Pub in their areas.  Note that we currently do have a location of interest and are actively working on the plan.  We’ll share info on this once we have the necessary business details solidified.  Sorry for the tease, but you’ll just have to wait for now!

January 31, 2024

Please see our posting on our Facebook page for images


105 S. Cook Street & 205 Park Avenue, Barrington IL 60010

A quick bit of history – the McGonigal family bought these properties back in August 2009.  They were a package deal from the prior owners and “partially” connected at the time, though we fully integrated them both and ended up with two family businesses: McGonigal’s Pub and Park Avenue Wine Bar.  Though the 205 Park Avenue side became various entities over the years, 105 Cook Street was always the Pub.  The two buildings were bought together and are being sold together.  Also keep in mind that though we’ve set it up as restaurants, prior to us acquiring the property these buildings were being used by Wolf Camera, a day spa and a clothing store.  There’s two full above ground levels that total nearly 10,000 square feet, plus a basement level (our kitchen & storage area) with a 5000 square foot footprint and easy access into both buildings.  This is truly amazing property in a very visible location that easily accessible and has plenty of parking… so if you interested in owning prime real estate with mixed-use possibilities, this is a great opportunity!


The buildings are currently listed at $2.75M, though that includes the majority of furniture, fixtures and equipment.  We will be taking quite a bit of these items for our next venture (more on that later) and starting in early March will start having public auctions to sell off the rest of the assets (dates and details TBA).  Our commercial realtor who has been working with these properties since mid-2020 will be making some adjustments that will be published soon.  However, understand that he prefers to pre-qualify prospective buyers in terms of their real ability to purchase.  Clearly there is a LOT of information on the buildings that can be shared, but this will be reserved for the “serious inquiries only”… which means if the current price range isn’t in your budget it’s probably not worth pursuing.  Additionally, at the moment we are looking at a full sale and do not have an interest in leasing the property.  For those who have any potential interest and/or inquiries, I am directly available to assist.  Feel free to send all initial requests to; I will reply to you as quickly as possible, answer your questions and get the ball rolling with the realtor.  Thank you!

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